About us

G.S.Z.C. De Walvisch

In 1933, waterpolo association G.S.Z.C. De Walvisch emerged from the Groningen Student Corps Vindicat Atque Polit. This makes us the only corporal student water polo association in the Netherlands. The customs, or “mores” of the association are therefore historically based on those of Vindicat, although the association has adopted a unique style and atmosphere over the past 80 years.

The mores of our association are based on our triptych: Drink, subterfuge and fitness. The atmosphere and behaviors in the association are clearly influenced by this. We would like to explain this below.

An important factor in the life of a Walvisher is social intercourse. The Mother Animal, as we call our association, is known to greatly appreciate it when its members dare to let loose on a regular basis. In doing so, we like to take advantage of the social oil known as booze. Many memorable moments and playful actions have resulted from this, although of course you are free to fill in what you do with it. The mother animal loves life, “Just act normal, you’ll be crazy enough” is therefore gladly reversed with us.

Within The Whale we place great value on cunning. For a cunning person, life is a lot more interesting and the challenges involved are child’s play. Should your cunning still be an underdeveloped trait, do not grieve. Membership in De Walvisch is guaranteed to develop the much-needed cunning in you into a quality you will enjoy for many years to come.

Fitness is also important to us. At the higher water polo levels it is well developed, in the lower levels of the league fitness is expressed mainly in the pub. Anyway, just like Drink and List, fitness will get plenty of attention at De Walvisch.


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