Recruitment Committee

Roses are red, violets are blue and the burger (citizen) life is destined for all of us students too. While many new members are joining, some of the old members are leaving to chase the burger dream, 40 years of work experience…

In order to maintain and grow the number of members, an enthusiastic group of people is busy recruiting new members all summer, with the highlight of course being the KEI week. And not without success! This is how the member recruitment of 20/21 managed to set up a third women’s team!

Committee members 2022-2023

  • Inés De Leeuw (chairman)
  • Benedek Halmos
  • Matthijs Badings
  • Simon Mulder
  • Deveny van der Weijden
  • Denise Gerrits
  • Eline Mannessen
  • James Dowling
  • Lars Hof
  • Melvin Noordover
  • Melle Boonk
  • Mirthe Jansen
  • Sofie (Puck)
  • Noora Vettervik
  • Ramon Wanders
  • Luuk Schipper
  • Sem Meijer
  • Sjaars Mattias
  • Sjaars Stefan